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    Full-paper Submissions    

Acceptance Guidelines


As an Accepted presenter, you are required to submit the full-paper in the following guidelines, and format by 1st July 2023.  Please note that your paper must be an original work that has not been published elsewhere, and that at least one author must register and pay the full registration fees.  Your full-paper will be published in Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering by Springer.  Please note that any submissions received after 1st July 2023 will not be attended to.

Please note that your full-paper must meet reasonable English standard (grammar, spelling and punctuation).  We understand that English may not be the Authors’ native language, however, the paper should be written in a language that is easily understandable.  If necessary, we recommend that you seek help from a native speaker or professional editing services for language assistance prior to submission.

All authors submitting papers must grant Springer specific permission to publish the work by completing and signing the Contributor Agreement and Permission Request Form.  Each corresponding author should print the form, enter the title of the chapter as well as the names of the authors at the top of the form and sign it.  It is crucial to ensure that the details of the chapter authors such as sequence, names, and corresponding author’s name and affiliation match those in the manuscript.  As this is a legal document, we cannot accept changes at a later stage and ask for your understanding in this matter. When labelling the Contributor Agreement, use CAabstractID, e.g: CAST999; and for the Permission Request Form, use PRFabstractID, e.g: PRFST999 ; for the Release Form, use RFabstractID, e.g: RFST999

Click on the name or icon to download file.

Format of Manuscript


As the accepted presenter, please be mindful of the following requirement:

  • A maximum of 3 keywords must be included at the bottom of your manuscript. 

  • Full-paper manuscript should be no less than 2 pages, a maximum of 5 pages. 

  • All manuscript should be submitted as both a source file (Word file) and a PDF file.

  • Please use the following format for your file names: ACUUS2023abstractID . For example: if your Abstract ID is ST_999, your files should be labelled as ACUUS2023ST999.

  • All manuscripts should adhere to the style files and template available at:

  • For additional information regarding the publishing, please visit:

  • The decision of the Scientific Committee is final.

Please ensure that your affiliation and e-mail address are included in the manuscript as they will be published in the conference proceedings and used by Springer Nature to provide you with a free copy of the eBook.

Any authors who do not wish to submit their full manuscript upon notification of the Abstract Acceptance, please notify the event secretariat via email at .

Click on the name or icon to download file.

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