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  Keynote Speakers  

We are honoured to have six distinguished speakers join us at ACUUS 2023.  This conference showcases an unrivaled agenda and you can look forward to the valuable insight and knowledge these keynote speakers will bring to the conference.

**Please click on the Speaker's Picture for more details.

Adele Tan.png

Adele Tan


Chief Planner

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

Underground Space as the Next Frontier: A Singapore Perspective

Dimitris Kaliampakos.jpeg

Dimitris Kaliampakos


Professor, School of Mining

and Metallurgical Engineering,

National Technical University of Athens

Underground development:

Going Down to Move Forward

speakers_Arnold Dix .jpeg

Arnold Dix


President of International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association

Adaptive and Resilient to the Crisis of Today and Enabling Humanities Conquest of Time and Space: Underground

Xiangsheng Chen.jpeg

Xiangsheng Chen


Professor at Shenzhen University,

Director of the Underground Polis Academy of Shenzhen University

State-of-the-art: Development of Urban Rail Transit in Mainland China

Jeremy Hammond.jpeg

Jeremy Hammond

United Kingdom



“Here comes the swarm” … Robotics and AI in Underground Construction

Wei Wu.jpg

Wei Wu


Associate Professor

Nanyang Technological University

Intelligent Detection of Subsurface Risks: Towards Sustainable Urban Underground Development

 Session Keynote Speakers 

Antonia Cornaro.jpg

Antonia Cornaro


Co-chair ITA Committee of Underground Space ITACUS

Use of the subsurface for the production and storage of renewable energy

Chu Jian.png

Chu Jian


President’s Chair in Civil Engineering

Nanyang Technological University

Methods for Underwater Space Creation and Coastal Protection

Eivind Grøv.png

Eivind Grøv


Chief Scientist


Future development of underground applications

Mike Mooney.png

Mike Mooney


Grewcock Chair Professor of

Underground Construction & Tunneling 


School of Mines

Emerging Patterns and Criteria for Underground Transport Infrastructure in the United States

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